Regional Subsidized

Speakers Program

The Northern New Jersey Region – Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs has instituted the Regional Subsidized Speakers Program to meet the following goals and objectives:

  • To provide member Clubs with a resource for dynamic speakers dealing with a diverse number of topics of interest to our Jewish Community.
  • To disseminate pre-packaged publicity materials for each Subsidized Speaker Program.
  • To encourage Club participation in the Program by providing a subsidy of up to $100 per speaker and up to $200 per club per year for approved programs.
  • To provide each Club with ongoing support for the development of each of these programs.
  • To consult with each club in developing follow-up activities for each of our subsidized programs.
  • To encourage Clubs to participate in the FJMC Torch Award Program.

To encourage club participation, the region will subsidize up to two programs annually for up to $100 each. Please follow these simple steps to receive your subsidy:

  1. To be eligible, you must book the speaker through the Speaker Bureau.  Contact Howard Pearlson for a current list of speakers.
  2. If two clubs have a joint program, each club can apply for a subsidy.
  3. Send a written conformation to the speaker program chair that the speaker has spoken at your temple. Indicate the name of the speaker, the topic and the date on which he/she spoke. Also indicate the name and address of the check recipient.

NOTE: We Need Your Help!  With your help the Speaker's Bureau will continue to grow. Please send your nominations for new Speakers to Howard B. Pearlson (see Contact Information above)

Also note that additional speakers can be obtained from United Synagogue of New Jersey. They have an "Authors Program." For more information, please contact the USCJ-NJ Regional office at 732-738-4301

NNJR members can view the current Subsidized Speaker List by clicking here.