World Wide Wrap XVI (2016) was a Huge Success!

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World Wide Wrap XVII will be held on February 5, 2017

Start planning for it now!

What is the WORLD WIDE WRAP? On this day, (also known as Super Bowl Sunday), the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs tries to have all Jews everywhere put on TEFILLIN! Sounds crazy! No? But now . . . it is a TRADITION! You may ask, ''How did this tradition get started?'' In the beginning, there was an idea, a vision, a dream!

Picture this in the eye of your mind: The sun rose. It was time for minyan. Jewish families across the globe gathered together at shul and put on Tefillin! Together we experienced the mitzvah and wrapped ourselves in the words and spirit of holiness. You and your shul can be a part of this experience! All you have to do is register your club for the next World Wide Wrap on the FJMC's World Wide Wrap website:

Every Men's Club wants to help with minyan! Every Men's Club wants to help with Adult Education! Every Men's Club wants to work with our youth! Every Men's Club wants quality programming! THIS IS IT: THE WORLD WIDE WRAP!

How do we prepare for the WORLD WIDE WRAP? The success of this program depends on careful planning and preparation. Publicity for the program should begin in the fall, coinciding with increased synagogue attendance during the High Holidays. Here is a suggested time line and a few programming ideas:

Appoint a program chair and committee. This should be done in the fall. The chairman will coordinate the program and work closely with the Men's Club, Rabbi and other synagogue arms to ensure its success. The Rabbi and Ritual Director are key to this program. Encourage your Rabbi to start building excitement for the ''Wrap'' by including comments about Tefillin and the World Wide Wrap into High Holiday sermons and announcements.

Target specific populations within your community whom you wish to involve. These groups could include our sons, parents of B'nai Mitzvah children, Hebrew Heh classes, the current year or next year B'nai Mitzvot, teenagers, newlyweds, grandparents, lefties (!), women, and so on.

Be creative! Develop strategies for each group and program accordingly. And if you are looking for a new World Wide Wrap program, visit for some suggestions.

The next World Wide Wrap occurs on "Superbowl Sunday," 2014 (February 2, 2014). Start planning for it now!