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Welcome to the Internet website of the Northern New Jersey Region of the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs. We invite you come back often to see news of the exciting programs and events planned for our region.

  • Place YH/YC initiative on Agenda for next board meeting
  • Appoint a chair/form committee
  • Calendar events leading to Yom HaShoah – keep Yom HaShoah on regular board meeting agendas
  • Engage Rabbi from Congregation for advice and as lead spokesperson
  • Implement programs to enhance YH observation and expand awareness:
    • Awareness within the Congregation
    • Education and Youth awareness – work with religious school and youth organizations – preserve the mitzvah of YH observation
    • Specific programming to expand awareness and promote Yellow Candle use outside the Congregation
  • Arrange for funding
    • Availability of regional YC loan program
  • Set goals to increase YC orders over past year
  • Consider utilizing YH programming as a fundraiser
  • Utilize resources:
  • Consider partnering with other clubs for bulk candle sales to maximize discounts and for YH programming

Parashat ha-Shavua

Torah reading of the week from Hebcal.com (Diaspora)

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